Articles of Association

The National Public Protection Network (also known as NPPN) is an independent Non-Political and Non-Governmental Body of people that is concerned with enabling the protection and care of the “Ordinary Soul/Natural Person” and the “National Family Welfare.”

It is an independent watchdog and intervener that operates under the law of the land for the Ordinary “Reasonable Person”.

“The reasonable person (historically reasonable man) is a legal fiction of the common law representing an objective standard against which any individual’s conduct can be measured. It relates to the duty of care we have for one another.”

NPPN’s priorities are

  • to enhance the care and protect from abuses by/from public (official) and private organisations and their agents and representatives and others
  • to be an independent instrument for engagement/awareness
  • where it sees fit to challenge significant errors/omissions/abuses including crime
  • to enable issues to be challenged/addressed
  • and to enable reform and good governance.

This shall include any international, national, regional or local organisation including Governmental, Non-Governmental, Public or Private Organisations/Groups and Individuals.

The basis of the NPPN is that we all have duties in:

  • Natural Law
  • Common law
  • and Statute Law to be concerned for the welfare of others and the NPPN is to be an enabler for this as a duty of all in a public and private capacity.

NPPN may take any intervention/enforcement action as it decides it is in the interests of Public Protection.

NPPN may engage with any public or private organisation or persons as it decides.

The NPPN was founded at Portcullis House London on the 20th July 2011 by a group of ten people who are known as The Stewards of the NPPN. It was formed under the patronage of a member of one of the Houses of Parliament.

Membership of the NPPN is by invitation only by any one of NPPN Stewards and the consensus and acceptance of the Stewards.

Patrons of the NPPN are at the Invitation of the NPPN or by application and consensus acceptance of the Stewards.

Other forms of Membership shall be decided by the Stewards.

The work of the NPPN is to be done by efforts of the NPPN, its Stewards and through other various mechanisms that the NPPN and its Stewards undertake which may be “formal and informal”.

Formal shall include the enabling/formation of other networks (including regional county and local PPN’s) NPPN Forums, Working Groups, Companies, Charities and other associations, meetings, groups or organisations and through any lawful and legal mechanisms and means including any form of investigation, representation or intervention.

The objectives and priorities of the NPPN shall be decided by the Stewards through their own initiative or by other representations to them under the general framework of Public Protection and the Public Welfare.


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